M9-3500 (1.000” – 3.250” OD)

The Model 9 series of orbital weld heads are designed for fusion (TIG) welding of tube, pipe, fittings or other cylindrical components. Available in eight sizes and three versions, they accommodate diameters from 3/32” (2,3 mm) to 7.5” (190,5 mm) OD, and wall thicknesses from 0.01” (0,25 mm) to 0.16” (4 mm). Each weld head fits a wide range of tube sizes via easily replaced, size-specific clamps. These weld heads are compatible with all AMI Power Supplies.

The standard Model 9 incorporates a two-sided clamping mechanism to hold components being welded in line and concentric – eliminating the need for tack welding. Several of these heads incorporate a flip-up viewing window, for easy verification of fit-up. Most Model 9 weld heads are plumbed for water cooling of both the cables and internal weld head components – allowing increased duty-cycles.