TTNG are engineered to serve all industries where the weld quality is critical and projects must stay on schedule. TTNG series machines are available in many configurations with standard or customised accessories and options. All the devices provided with the TTNG series machines are built based on 50 years knowledge and expertise of PROTEM to provide enhanced performance and job specific solutions. They are built to cut and bevel tubes up to 100mm (3.937”) thick (larger upon request) in the field, in prefabrication workshops.

Their low clearance design of rotating parts is highly appreciated by all operators worldwide. To mount the machine on the pipe, the two half-shells connected with a hinge can be opened. The alignment of concentricity is done by separately adjustable clamping jaws. The perpendicularity is adjusted in the same time. Additional clamping screws allow to bear the axial forces.


  • Mobile
  • Powerful Machining Equipment
  • Easy and Safe use for the Operators
  • No Heat Affected Zone
  • High Accuracy
  • Fast and easy mounting
  • The tool-bits can be changed and adjusted very quickly
  • Smooth and Burr-Free Surface Finish
  • No vibration during the machining process
  • Splitframe Configuration